Staley was able to cut the installation timeline by two years, resulting in a $24 million savings for the client.


Flint Loc is the industry leader in protecting gas pump dispensers from fuel loss and was born from the need to stop the rising problem of fuel theft. The solution is simple – no power, no loss. Once the Flint Loc system detects an unauthorized intrusion, power is cut to the dispenser, rendering it secure until power is restored by an authorized employee.


Pilot Flying J (PFJ) had been losing $12 million per year in fuel theft across its 600 locations. Currently, PFJ is in the process of installing Flint Loc systems across its locations. Flint Loc was hired in April 2013 but was using multiple contractors, from pump dispenser companies to local electrical contractors, to satisfy its installation needs. Using multiple contractors slowed the installation process across PFJ’s footprint and was not meeting the quick turnaround time to cut its growing fuel theft.


Staley recommended an installation audit and then carried out a test installation at three sites. Flint Loc was highly impressed with Staley’s quality of work and constant communication. Our expansive footprint and high standards across the country made a national rollout on a tight and aggressive timeframe possible. By choosing Staley instead of regional installers, the installation timeline was cut by two years, resulting in $24 million in projected fuel savings for Pilot / Flying J.