Staley’s experience following hospital standards resulted in a safe environment for CHS patients during installation.


Community Health Systems (CHS) is a national leading operator of acute care facilities with facilities spread across 29 states. For CHS, communication is critical to ensure responsible health care, optimal patient comfort and efficient time management.


CHS surveyed a facility in Arkansas and quickly discovered its private branch exchange phone system was approaching its end of life. CHS realized it must act quickly to replace the outdated phone system and allow staff and patients to make inbound and outbound calls without fear of disconnections or line interference. Once the health care system chose a phone system provider, it needed to select a vendor for the voice installation.


Staley was chosen as the installer because of our experience following hospital standards and infectious control processes, and we met all HIPAA requirements. Further, because patients were onsite during the installation, it was important for CHS to choose a reputable, trusted vendor, which it found with our W2 technicians. Within three months, we successfully cabled approximately 500,000 sq. ft. to upgrade the hospital’s phone system. Once installed, CHS noted a smooth transition to the new phone system with better test results than it had received on previous products.