Andrew Faulkner, Owner and CEO

Andrew Faulkner, Owner/CEO

What started as a residential electrical company in 1951 has grown to become a national leader in electrical, network infrastructure and technology deployment services. Our founder, R.E. Staley, built the company from sheer hard work, strong values and excellent skill.

These characteristics have always been our foundation, but over the last six decades we have changed and grown. Our company has evolved with new technologies and client needs. In the 1980s, Staley Technologies exploded in the POS (point-of-sale) space by recognizing our clients needed a partner who could provide design, assembly and installation of specialized equipment for these systems. We developed a unique solution for this demand and exceeded expectations.

Adapting to our clients’ needs and providing innovative solutions continues to drive Staley towards the future. Today, Staley Technologies, led by Andrew Faulkner, is able to provide clients software, hardware, cloud-based solutions and managed services with a national service model for industries such as hospitality, retail and healthcare. Our commitment to providing value to our clients in knowledge, processes and workmanship has never been stronger.


The Staley Way
Staley Nation Flag

With hundreds of employees across the country, it’s important for Staley Technologies to work as a team. We call our team Staley Nation;  each member responsible for results, empowered to make decisions and accountable for our actions. In Staley Nation, we have a responsibility to providing excellent training, a safe environment, constant communication and transparent expectations in order to drive positive results.

Our mission is to show extraordinary care through reliable technology deployment services, strong client relationships and a commitment to Staley Nation. We do this through living our Core Values of Stewardship, Trust, Agility, Loyalty, Excellent Client Service and Yes! Attitude.